Young people always compose the dinamic igniter power of the society. Having high young population when compared to many countries around the world provides very precious potential. In order to use this potential efficiently, young people of our country should be cared much more in every field and getting their contribution is essential. Decision-makers should listen young people, care about and value their ideas. Also young people should take on responsibilities about contribute to solution of problems and aims of the country. Nongovernmental organizations at this point should initiateto bring a holistic approach by laying a bridge between young people and decision-makers, and they should incite to take concrete steps which will directly contribute to community development. The first one of these steps is to produce and implement projects which bring young people and decision-makers together in order to incite innovative approach in every field as a keystone of national development.

As Development and Innovation Office Association, our mission is “to awake young people and decision-makers about this matter by inciting innovation in national development.” “Young People and Innovation Summit Towards 2023” project was prepared as based on all these necessities. Within the project our general aim is to; bring young people as igniter power of sustainable development and decision-makers together within our 2023 aims, make young people to embrace our national aims and to take concrete steps about this matter, understand the importance of innocative approach in every steps, determine a road map about what young people can make in order to bring an innovative approach in every field, produce policy paper and provide the sharing with decision-makers, encourage youn people to take on responsibilities and produce works in their locals, bring a holistic approach in order to reach national aims by bringing nongovernmental organizations, decision-makers and youn people.

We will directly contribute to our aims with the summit and mini summits which will be organized in locals, with a holistic approach we will incite to increase young people who take on responsibility and decision-maker mechanisms that will support these young people, we will fulfill our responsibility as a part of our mission, and we wil contribute to make more liveable country for all region of Turkey in 2023 as 100th year of our Republic.