Firstly we would like to meet you a HAYALİ character “YaGiÇo” (Creative Entreperenur Boy) which is created with our project. It is a name that we combined the beginning characters of “Creative Entrepreneur Boy”. We observed that it sounds like sympathic and curious when we say this to children around us. This played an important role on the name of our character. So why did we focus on “Creative Entrepreneur Boy” concept? As accepted around the world, entrepreneurship is described like this: “Entrepreneur is the one who finds what is necessity of people and begins to produce and leads this”. We want to draw attention on “leading” oncept. To lead something, to be first on that subject mean to do what is not done. Leadig people are “different” people. And all of these different people has a “creative” quality as one of the main qualities of entrepreneurship. Consequently we have emphasized the main aim with the name of “YaGiÇo” character – to contribute on raising creative generations.

We brought children and character named YaGiÇo together within our project. Throughout our project in all education materials, visibility studies, project introductions, so everywhere you may think, we used character’s picture and general specialities which is defined for both all successful entrepreneurs and the character. We chose this character via comics-picture competition which children attended. We anounced our competition in different channels, and reduced numbers to 3 after got applications, later we chose the picture of our YaGiÇo which will be used in all channels by survey that we made in social-media.

We produced activities based on innovation which will be applicable for children between 9-13 ages thanks to their teachers. Within these activities primary school trachers run workshop studies and displayed all of these studies. The project was successfully implemented in 5 different primary schools in Bursa, Trabzon and Denizli by 8 different teachers. Dissemination works of this project, has pilot project quality, has already been going on across the country.