Supporting of qualified enterprises and entrepreneurs, which were accepted as first option by all countries for sustainabile development of countries, is the leading one of the most important points between 2023 development aims of our country. In the global world having a voice and making difference is possible only with increasing qualified enterprises which were shaped by innovative thinking. In our age which is defined as technological age, the most important entrepreneurship area is “Technological Entrepreneurship”. Inciting technological entrepreneurship, which is the entrepreneurship area with the highest added-value, has a key importance in respct to sustainable development of our country. Entrepreneurship ratio is 4,6 % in our country while it is 11-12 % in America and Europe. Young entrepreneur ratio in our country is 3,2 %. As parallel to that, young unemployment ratio in our country is about 18 %. One of the biggest reason of low ratio of entrepreneurship in Turkey is the unadequate incitation about this matter espacially  during education life. As a result of researches only 8 % of young people between 15-18 ages, which may be defined as the first youth years in which  character gets shaped and choices are made in Turkey, have planned to establish their own jobs in the future. The rality thay any individual without imagination can not be an entrepreneur comes with the young entrepreneur ratio in Turkey which is 3,2 %.

For sustainable development of our country and reducing unemployment, inciting entrepreneurship which is one of the biggest options should be begin much more before than 18-25 ages. Yet young people in this age have already chosen their jobs, and they are young people whose personality gets their shapes in greate ratio. This comes mostly out as obstacle for their entrepreneurships. In the world this age began to decrase the children level with new applications and it began to incite them to believe they can be an entrepreneurand to imagine about this.

Because of the reason above “Turkey Young Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centers” was constituted in order to bring innovator and qualified approach for incitation of entrepreneurship by force of 2023 development plans of our country. It was aimed to establish Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centers in 14 different cities and 7 different regions withini the project. At this point Youth Centers of Ministry of Youth and Sport which has already several different opportunities for young people will be benefited. So an extra source will not be needed and current possibilities will be efficiently evaluated. “Young people in vocational high school between 15-18 ages” is the nearest potential group in target group of these centers to be in technological entrepreneurship. These young people will be included into Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education Module which was formed totaly under common education base in 3 months within the project and shaped with and understanding centered target group. (Details were given other chapters) This module, which will be formed with the help of experienced common education educators of Development and ınnovation Office Association and academicians of Uludag University, will be implemented as peer education by “Youth Leaders” who are professional youth workers in Youth Centers that will attend educations of Entrepreneur Leader within the project. In each city about severel different matters, workshops, candidate of entrepreneur – experienced entrepreneur meetings, candidate of entrepreneur – investor meetings, fair and the like visits, studies of case analysis on online system, fair in which enterprise ideas will be displayed, project designing fund and graduate club activities will be implemented within the module.

The module, which will be developed after “Entrepreneur Leaders Implementing Educations” given within the project implemented in Bursa Osmangazi Youth Center as pilot project area, will be implemented to in total 700 young people in Tekirdag, Sinop, Samsun, Hatay, Antalya, Manisa, Aydin, Sivas, Konya, Gaziantep, Diyarbakir, Erzurum and Van cities as quarterly periods by young people who took this education. (Coordination of cities will be provided by project coordination office which will be set in Bursa) 50 young liders, whowill be chosen as a resualt od successful ideas, will attend Innovation Fair which will be organized in Bursa with their educators, and they will have a chance to Show their ideas in the fair.

With the project, a qualified and generalizable sample model will be produced in order to incite especially technological entrepreneurship in relation to sustainable development within 2023 aims of our country.