Ability, money and interest toward social enterprises have been increasing day by day and several social enterprises have been spreading in various national and international platforms with an increasing interest for the model. Today in the United Kingdom social entrepreneurs which its number is about 62.000 have employed 800.000 people; have 24 billion £ turnover for a year; has supported 1 % to GDP and provided to create an opportunity of employment with high added-value. At the same time “Social Entrepreneurship” concept is at the top because it contributes to social welfare. Information we had as a result of researches encouraged us to prepare projects about this subject, increased our belief for our project and boosted our motivation. By “Heroes of Furture : Social Entrepreneurs” project we reached 24 people who will directly attend the project, we arranged creative activities in order to make them understand and implement the social entrepreneurship concept, and we have already been working in order to reach maximum number by our sustainable studies. Young people from Turkey, Poland and Croaita attended the project and actualized various activities in order to be Social Entrepreneurs of the Future. Within these activities;

–  Social Entrepreneurs Will Save The World ! Workshops

(What is social entrepreneurship was conveyed to participants, mentioned about its importance)

–  Secret Hero Social Entrepreneur !

(All qualities which a social entrepreneur should have was conveyed to participants by workshops. By using a big KARTON, materials about qualities of social entrepreneurship was pointed on MAKET that participants will make, all participants produced alll of their materials by using their own creativeness)

–   “Kindhearted People in My Country”

(In this activity participatory countries conveyed the samples of social entrepreneurship in their own country, which may be instance, to orther participatory countries in way of reported to them before and they planned. (Presentations, videos, pictures, internet sites, sketches etc.))

–  Visits of Sample Social Entrepreneurial Institutions in Turkey

(Here foundations, associations and privaten enterprises in social entrepreneurship area in Bursa were visited.)

–  Zumbara The Most Creative Social Entrepreneur of Turkey !

(Aysegul Guzel and Meltem Sandag who are Founders of Zumbara and supporters of our project visited the project area and helped us to see the samples of social entrepereneurship with implementations beside introducing their attempt in the project.)

– Our Social Enterprise Idea Workshop

(Young people, who understood the concept of social entrepreneurship with activities and workshops, compared notes about what would happen if they wanted to create a social enterprise and what they would like to do in this social enterprise, and they produced brainstorms, group works and similar activities. 3 big teams from different countries were created according to everyone’s interest area in enterprises that they shaped in priciple of 3 main subjects)