According to researches within United Nations Trace Program of Global Entrepreneurship, rate of entrepreneurship is too low in Turkey which is 4.6 % while it is 31 % in World and 23 % in Europe. Turkey has less entrepreneurs than 29 countries when considered the number of people, established a company, in the list of 100 adults which is used in International Entrepereneurship Index.

Women compose 0.15 % of entrepreneurs in Turkey and men compose twenty nine times more of women. This situation in Hatay, the entrepreneurship is 7.3 % and women compose 2 % of this ration. Some reasons of this low rations like sexual inhibitations, traditional belief and pressure of the community, sexual and emotional abuse, prejudices, social problems take place in the results of researches.

It is inevitable able fact that our country which is preparing for EU membership needs some plans and reforms in order to increase per capita income level and employment ratio. Accordingly governments have known that inciting, leading and strenghtening women for entrepreneurship play an important role for local development, and there are some policies about this subject.

According to results of survey which we made uring project preperation, the ages of woemn who have a belief to establish their own job are between 16-27. Therefore methods of leading and activating potential women entrepreneurs with generalized consciousness-raising take place in project deliverables.

With the project to young people;

-They were noticed the importance of women entrepreneurship on economical development and growing of the country,

-They analyzed the reason that push or attract women to entrepreneurship,

-They were informed about obstacles women entrepreneurs faced and planned steps to eliminat these obstacles,

-Men’s role in women entrepreneurship was realized,

-ıt was provided that they will be a guide to potential women entrepreneurs by generating woman entrepreneur profile under the guidance of successful entrepreneurship samples,

-By using social media (interviews, short gilms, internet sites, poster and brochures, social media introductions), studies were actualized in order to provide and generalize awareness as national and universal with project deliverables,

-As a follow-up of the project, notes about new projects in international area were compared with young people of joint country of the project,

-It was contributed to overcome prejudices and cross-cultural coalesence by knowing cultures of different countries of young people,

-It was contributed to visions of young people who is in group of groups of our own project and joint countries and has limited chance by informing them about Youth Program,

-Again it was contributed to active learnings of young people in our groups about potential projects that they will produce and attend by helping them to gain experience of running project.